Water Resources

The reliability of a water supply, whether it is a private well or public water, depends on an understanding of hydrogeology, geochemistry, drinking water standards, and environmental regulations that may apply to water withdrawal.

St.Germain Collins takes a holistic approach to water resource projects by understanding the life-cycle of the resource: from recharge filling a lake or aquifer, to determining whether natural recharge can provide the needed quantity, to predicting the affect of long-term water withdrawal on water quality and the environment. Our work has ranged from identifying a new public groundwater supply, to determining the cause and solution to road salt contamination of a well, to calculating how groundwater withdrawal affects the flow of a nearby stream.

St.Germain Collins Provides the Following Water Resources Services

  • Groundwater supply exploration
  • Wellhead protection plans
  • Spring water evaluations
  • Expert testimony
  • Surface water recharge calculations
  • In-stream flow studies
  • Road salt contamination assessments
  • Water quality testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Salt water intrusion treatment

Select Clients

  • Hampden Water District
  • Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Wells Water District
  • Rangeley Water District
  • ReEnergy Holdings LLC
  • Richard Long, Raymond (residential)
  • Debra Smith, New Gloucester (residential)
  • Berman Simmons (law firm)