Due Diligence & Risk Management

Assessing and cleaning up contaminated soil and water are critical to protecting our natural resources, but can be costly and ineffective without proper planning and implementation. St.Germain Collins’ engineers and environmental scientists understand both the needs of our clients as well as the legal implications and regulatory requirements when assessing environmental impacts.

St.Germain Collins has completed hundreds of Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-05, and can also complete customized Phase I and II ESA assessments that cater to the special needs of our clients. Our approach to remediation is to focus on the actual risk to the environment and human health and consider the existing and future plans for the property. This approach has served St.Germain Collins and our clients well for a wide variety of projects involving real estate transactions, brownfields redevelopment, VRAP projects, and UST closures.

St.Germain Collins has assessed and remediated sites with the following contaminants:

  • Chlorinated Solvents (e.g., PCE, TCE, TCA, DCE)
  • Heavy Metals (e.g., lead, arsenic, chromium)
  • PCBs
  • Petroleum Products (e.g., gasoline, diesel, oils, MTBE, benzene)
  • Road Salt Well Contamination

Our experienced team is available at a moment’s notice to help apply practical solutions for difficult situations. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

“St.Germain Collins’ environmental risk management support brings an increased safety and soundness to the bank’s environmental risk management process.”  David Grenier, Kennebec Savings Bank

“St.Germain Collins handles the environmental risk management process so we don’t have to worry.”  – Christopher Kehl, Kennebunk Savings

Select Clients

City of Bangor
Clean Harbors Environmental Services
ExxonMobil Corporation
Grace Semiconductor Corporation
Hissong Development Corporation
Hussey Seating Company
Maine Department of Environmental Protection
NEPW Logistics
Ridgewood Power Company

Select Projects

Former Heritage Lantern
Alliance Energy
Dayton Arena, Bowdoin College
Downeast Energy
Long Island Fuel Farm 
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