Periodic Greeting

Atomic number: 1
Symbol: H
Element’s name: Hydrogen
Person’s name: John
Hydrogen is the lightest element, and the most abundant element in the earth’s sun. John should have worn shades.

Atomic number: 2
Symbol: He
Element’s name: Helium
Person’s name: Sandy
As helium does not burn, it’s safer to use than hydrogen. A red balloon isn’t so safe though according to Maine author Stephen King.

Atomic number: 9
Symbol: F
Element’s name: Fluorine
Person’s name: Pat
Fluorine was Pat’s choice because this element has the strongest electronegativity. We just think he likes fluoride toothpaste.

Atomic number: 10
Symbol: Ne
Element’s name: Neon
Person’s name: Grant
The largest use of neon is in ‘neon signs’ for advertising, typically glowing a reddish orange color like Grant in the photo.

Atomic number: 11
Symbol: Na
Element’s name: Sodium
Person’s name: Maura
Sodium is a metal that–when combined with chlorine–creates sodium chloride (table salt). Perfect on popcorn!

Atomic number: 20
Symbol: Ca
Element’s name: Calcium
Person’s name: Ty
Calcium is essential to all living things, particularly for the growth of healthy bones. It’s found in egg nog & other dairy products.

Atomic number: 22
Symbol: Ti
Element’s name: Titanium
Person’s name: Christopher
Fore! Titanium is as strong as steel but much less dense. It is used for laptops, bicycles, crutches and of course golf clubs.

Atomic number: 26
Symbol: Fe
Element’s name: Iron
Person’s name: Amanda, as Iron Man
Iron is one of the most abundant metals. It helps create chlorophyll in plants, and blood production in humans.

Atomic number: 30
Symbol: Zn
Element’s name: Zinc
Person’s name: Mark
Zinc’s biggest use is for galvanization, but a compound of zinc is also used for some sunscreens, like on Mark’s nose.

Atomic number: 33
Symbol: As
Element’s name: Arsenic
Person’s name: Keith
Despite being the “king of poisons”, arsenic is an essential trace element for some animals. Not essential for Keith though!

Atomic number: 34
Symbol: Se
Element’s name: Selenium
Person’s name: Erin
Selenium is a metalloid, and has been found to prevent the toxicity of arsenic. So really Erin is helping her next door neighbor here.

Atomic number: 36
Symbol: Kr
Element’s name: Krypton
Person’s name: (Super) Mike
Which came first, the element or planet? Discovered in 1898, the element was first. Superman’s planet was named 40 years later.

Atomic number: 42
Symbol: Mo
Element’s name: Molybdenum
Person’s name: Ellen
Ellen isn’t really running with scissors…they’re shears! Because molybdenum is not brittle, it’s the perfect alloy for cutting shears.

Atomic number: 47
Symbol: Ag
Element’s name: Silver
Person’s name: Cheryl
Silver is a transition metal that exhibits the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. And it’s so pretty to wear!

Atomic number: 48
Symbol: Cd
Element’s name: Cadmium
Person: Cheryl again
Although cadmium’s major use is in batteries, it’s also the pigment that brightened works by Monet, Matisse and other painters.

Atomic number: 53
Symbol: I
Element’s name: Iodine
Person’s name: Kathryn
Iodine compounds are important in organic chemistry and very useful in medicine such as for wound care. Hence the first aid kit.

Atomic number: 74
Symbol: W
Element’s name: Tungsten
Person’s name: Peter
Peter has an idea why tungsten filaments were used in light bulbs… because tungsten has an abnormally high melting temperature.

Atomic number: 79
Symbol: Au
Element’s name: Gold
Person’s name: Ava
Gold is bright, and also has unusual properties such as being indestructible, yet the most malleable of metals.

Atomic number: 82
Symbol: Pb
Element’s name: Lead
Person’s name: Kristopher
Lead is a heavy metal. Heavy as in weight, not as in the musical genre that was popular way before Kris was born!

Atomic number: 115
Symbol: Mc
Element’s name: Moscovium
Person’s name: Don
Just last year the placeholder ununpentium (latin for 1-1-5) was officially named moscovium. Names are important. That’s why Don chose Mc for his element.

Atomic number: 93
Symbol: Np
Element’s name: Neptunium
Person’s name: Anthony
Why is Anthony holding a trident? Because Neptunium was named for Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea.

Atomic number: 94
Symbol: Pu
Element’s name: Plutonium
Person’s name: Brian
Hey McFly! In Back to the Future, Doc used plutonium in the flux capacitor to power the time traveling DeLorean.