St.Germain Announces Patrick Coughlin as Principal

Mark St.Germain and Scott Collins are pleased to announce that Patrick Coughlin has joined them as a principal of the firm.  Mark St.Germain, founder and President of St.Germain & Associates, was enthusiastic about Coughlin becoming a principal: “Pat is a great asset to our team. When our clients have needed help with complex issues, he […]

Why Should I Provide Fencing for My Oil Storage Facility?

Why are some bulk oil storage facilities fully fenced, and some not? This is a question many of our petroleum clients ask us. The simple answer: Facilities that are not fenced have not been inspected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…yet. Once inspected, the EPA will likely require that the facility be fenced within a […]

Maine DEP Revising All Soil Cleanup Standards

Since the 1990s, the Maine DEP has relied on two cleanup guidelines for contaminated soil: 1) the Remedial Action Guidelines (commonly referred to as the RAGs), and 2) the Procedural Guidelines For Remediation Of Oil Contaminated Soil (until recently referred to as the Decision Tree). The RAGs target non-petroleum contaminants such as heavy metals and […]