Mining for Gold in RCRA

Mike Rioux presented “Mining for Gold in RCRA” at the Maine Hospital Association’s annual meeting in March, 2009. Here is a link to the MHA Presentation in which Mike discusses opportunities in hazardous waste management.   

Regs, RAGs and Trucks – Changes in Environmental Rules

Here is the link to “Regs, RAGs and Trucks – Changes in Environmental Rules” presented by Patrick Coughlin at the Maine Energy Marketers Assocation (MEMA) Convention in June of 2010. In this presentation, Patrick covers the new SPCC rules for parked trucks, new cleanup guidelines, groundwater fund status, UST training regulations and a review of […]

Dioxin Soil Cleanup Case Study

Here is the link to the Dioxin Soil Cleanup Case Study. This presentation was given at the AEHS/UMASS Conference by Keith R. Taylor, C.G. and Patrick Coughlin in October 2011. This presentation covers utility pole contamination, soil sampling methods, dioxin testing, fixing a “broken” field investigation, and cost considerations along the way.