Heat-Related Illnesses (Prevention and Treatment)

Hot days can be a welcome relief, especially after the winter many of us experienced. Being safe is a top priority though.  Injury Facts 2015 reported that in 2011, 587 people died in the U.S. from exposure to excessive heat. This could have been prevented.  Excessive heat and humidity can lead to heat related illnesses:  […]


Thank you once again for your support during the Gorham Savings Bank LaunchPad Competition. We were thrilled to make it to the final five with your help. We are also happy to announce that we were awarded a second Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant in June to help us to make Sentry EHS a better program for […]

Recent Hires

We are pleased to announce these recent additions to our firm:  Kathryn Deneroff joined St.Germain Collins as a Regulatory Specialist. She has been helping clients by researching environmental, health and safety regulations that are specific to their facilities and helping them to maintain and strengthen their regulatory programs. Prior to joining St.Germain Collins, Kathryn was a Research […]

MEDEP and NHDES Enforcement Actions in 2014

Knowing the type of enforcement actions initiated by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services can help you better understand what pitfalls to avoid and the compliance areas receiving a lot of attention by regulatory agencies. As a service to St.Germain Collins’ clients and friends, we are providing […]

City of Portland, Maine Stormwater Service Fees and Credits

Like many other municipalities in the US who already assess fees for stormwater services, the City of Portland, Maine will implement a new stormwater service charge to all developed properties in the Portland area starting in January, 2016. This fee affects residential and non-residential (i.e., commercial and industrial) properties including non-profits. This new stormwater service […]