2017 Industrial Emission Control Technology Conference and Workshop

This week Mike Rioux, CHMM is attending the 2017 Industrial Emission Control Technology Conference and Workshop in Portland, Maine. The focus of this educational event is to:  + Review emission regulations and the applicability of emission controls and alternatives for industrial boilers; + Learn what technology advancements might be possible or required to improve energy efficiency, […]

New look, vision and values

Twenty-five years ago this firm was established with just one employee!  To reflect how St.Germain Collins has grown since 1992, we are transitioning to a new logo. You’ll start seeing the new look on reports, engineering plans and online soon. To honor our start and with a view to the future, we created these Vision and […]

Preventable Hearing Loss

Hearing loss due to high noise levels is irreversible. It cannot be corrected, even with surgery or hearing aids, but it is preventable. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) restricts your ability to hear high frequency sounds, communicate and understand speech, and may contribute to workplace accidents due to reduced ability to hear emergency sounds or warnings. […]

What’s New with VRAP?

Changes Are Anticipated in the Maine Department of Environmental Protection Voluntary Response Action Program The Maine Legislature established the Voluntary Response Action Program (VRAP) almost 25 years ago as a way to encourage the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated properties within the state.  The VRAP allows applicants to voluntarily investigate and cleanup properties in exchange for […]

New Hampshire Hazardous Waste & Contaminated Sites Conference

The 2017 New Hampshire Hazardous Waste &Contaminated Sites Conference was held May 24, with Mike RIoux and Keith Taylor from St.Germain Collins in attendance. The event was hosted by Business and Industry Association and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, in partnership with the New Hampshire Municipal Association. This all-day conference was packed with great information including […]